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Re: Looping back to Krispen's old critics thread (was sorta: using laptops for music"

I have to say that I've been to these shows and I
totally understand the position of the reviewer.  A
few true musicians who use noise, but mostly people
who can't be bothered to learn music of any kind who
are just fucking around.


--- Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:

> yIKES!
> I just found this and found it somewhat amusing,
> scary
>  and, what's more, fairly on-topic. :P
> <http://indyweek.com/durham/2003-02-26/music.html>
> -t-
> np: zoŽ keating: one cello x 16: natoma
> <http://www.zoekeating.com/>
> cued up: the twin atlas: sun township
> <http://www.thetwinatlas.com/>
> later: miles davis: agharta
> then: einojuhani rautavaara: cantus arcticus
> maybe, probably: pseudo buddha: motive
> <http://www.unclebuzz.com/outofprint.html>
> followed by: robert rich: somnium
> <http://www.robertrich.com/rrsomnium.html>
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