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Re: Looping back to Krispen's old critics thread (was sorta: using laptops for music"

I agree. Honesty is a good trait in music reviews....I don't see a lot of 
lately. Regarding that whole debacle with my CD review...the newspaper 
up recruiting me to write some of their CD reviews based on the letter of
dispute I wrote to the guy who reviewed my CD. I guess the music editor
liked how I wrote. Since then I've reviewed 4 or 5 CDs for the newspaper,
all but one were non-local. But here is the kicker that spoils all this
honesty bit...and Joe, you'll remember our conversation about this....I was
very precise with my language on my reviews, clarifying when I was stating 
verifiable fact vs. my own emotional response to the music (i.e.,
distinguishing factual from emotive statements), and I focused mainly on
positive emotional responses because I now what it feel like to get bashed
in a review, and like to abide to the "Do unto others as you would have 
do unto you" principle when it comes to reviews. Anyway, I spent a long 
crafting this review of a band, and in the end editor changed my wording to
make the review shorter, but changed it in a way that make my emotional
responses look like statement of objective fact...COMPLETELY contradictory
to my whole music review philosophy.  It wasn't a problem with my writing,
just a matter of saving space. So they took liberties, not knowing how what
they did changed the meaning of my review. I wonder how often this happens
in the music review scene.


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Sounded like a well-written review to me.  I felt the writer had
honestly described his experience of the event, and given me a good
idea of what to expect if I went to a similiar event, and managed to
throw a bit of humor into what could have been a dreary article.  He
really liked some of it, really disliked some of it, and the rest was
somewhere in between.

I liked the bit about how some of the performers need to hear less
about how great they are, that was a good belly laugh.  In my twenty
years of public performance, I can't recall ever being booed, or even
told that I sucked afterwards, despite considerable evidence to the
contrary in many cases.  People are, on the whole, polite to your
face.  However, inside and afterwards, many of them feel like the


On 10/26/05, Tim Nelson <psychle62@yahoo.com> wrote:
> yIKES!
> I just found this and found it somewhat amusing, scary
>  and, what's more, fairly on-topic. :P
> <http://indyweek.com/durham/2003-02-26/music.html>
> -t-