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Re: can u run multiple sooper loopers?

On 10/25/05, Jeff Larson <Jeffrey.Larson@sun.com> wrote:
> Per Boysen wrote:
> > When I tried that I found that the
> > timing is never recorded exactly  as I play it for the first loop 
> > All following overdubs are  fine though, but the first loop is always
> > sucking. Probably because  of the latency involved in triggering with
> > the midi pedal
> I'm going to hazard a guess that this is due to the lack of audio input
> latency compensation.  A common error with MIDI controlled recording
> software is to begin and end recording *immediately* after the MIDI
> event is received.  This sounds correct, you want to handle that event
> as quickly as possible to avoid "midi latency" right?  But actually
> you don't.
> So, I believe there is no reason why properly written software cannot 
> for MIDI latency during *recording*.  Triggering of loops for playback 
>is a
> completely different problem and I won't bore everyone with the details
> (unless I'm asked :-).

Absolutely right.  SL has no proper latency compensation yet, but it
is on my short list.
Thanks Jeff for describing the situation so clearly :)