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Re: using laptops for music

At 05:47 AM 10/26/2005, Kris Hartung wrote:
> >
> > Of course, if Apple really wants high performance they'll use AMD CPUs.
>You are kidding, right?

no, not at all. AMD has been leading Intel in CPU performance and features 
for the last couple years. Intel is not expected to even come close to 
catching up for at least another year. They completely dropped the ball in 
their R&D in the last few years. It's been analyzed to death in all the 
business papers, engineering technical journals, Microprocessor Report, 
hardware review sites, etc. Hard to miss that story.

Look at any hardware review site. What are the top performance PCs? AMD 
64bit cpu with Nvidia Nforce4 SLI chipsets. That's what all the gamers 
and they are the most fanatical about performance. Right now, AMD wipes 
floor with Intel. And the results for AMD have been good. The business 
press just this week was reporting how AMD has had dramatic market share 
gains against Intel.

>   Personally, I don't think they stand a chance to keep up with Intel
>innovation and their current partnerships, such as (historically), the
>Titantium Intel process that was developed in collaboration with HP and
>Intel for their UNIX boxes.

Itanium is the correct name. That cpu is considered one of the biggest 
flops of the last decade. You didn't really mean that as a good example 
you? Most people call it the "Itanic".

anyway, sorry to drag this further off topic.


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