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Re: using laptops for music

I can't say for certain for all companies, but definitely for HP. When you
go to the portal, you can choose computers for either business or personal.
The business option gives you the commerical models, they just don't use
that term...we use it internally. But when consumers see those prices, they
back right out of there. :)

Of course, when companies like HP sell computers to major fortune 500
companies, they don't do it over the web, rather their sales account teams
meet and negotiate price, value, etc.


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So the pricier models shown on the earlier referenced websites are the
commercial models, there's not another site that only corporate
accounts have access to or something like that?


On 10/26/05, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> You can't typically buy a commerical box at a retail shop. That is the
> primary difference from a sales/marketing standpoint. The other is that
> don't market commerical boxes to consumers, but to fortune 500
> companies...in short, the sales model for commercial PCs is direct from
> company to company, not indirect from company to channel partner, to
> consumer. Most consumer computer sales, with exception of Dell, occur in 
> retail shop, so most consumers unless they are web savvy like you, never
> even become aware of a more robust notebook solution. They are too damn
> expensive and not as commoditized.
> Kris