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Re: using laptops for music

I just want to add an interesting piece of hardware for anyone who is
considering using the Pentium M in a _desktop_ machine.  Asus makes a
$50 adaptor that will allow you to put a Pentium M processor in some
of Asus's socket 478 motherboards:
Tom's hardware has a good review of this model:

On 10/26/05, Travis Hartnett <travishartnett@gmail.com> wrote:
> But what exactly constitutes a "commercial" box?  I'm not seeing this
> hard distinction being drawn in their online sales sites.  For things
> like kitchen appliances, you go to a restaurant supply store and find
> that everything costs way more--like, $300 toasters.  It looks pretty
> much like a $30 toaster you buy at Sears, but all the components are
> heavier so it can stand up to commericial duty cycles (such as making
> 500 pieces of toast, every day for years).  It seems to me that a
> "commercial" lap top would weigh a couple pounds more and be visibly
> bulkier than a consumer unit, the ports would all have rubber gasket
> covers to keep water/sand/whatever out, the screen would have some
> super scratch resistant coating, etc.
> I don't see that in the HP or Thinkpad models that have been
> discussed, they just seem to have a faster processor, bigger hard
> drive and more ram.  It's like someone's Civic with a bunch of bolt-on
> performance parts as opposed to something that's a racing chassis by
> design.  And if you say that your consumer grade HP laptop has held up
> to all sorts of physical abuse, then it appears that the issue is more
> one of performance and not physical ruggedness, which was my concern
> when this sub-thread first started, i.e. how well will a laptop hold
> up to road conditions, being dropped on the floor, having cable yanked
> out by passing strangers, etc.
> TravisH
> On 10/26/05, Kris Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:
> > And now
> > my personal laptop is starting to crap out and get the "blue screen of
> > death."  I'm in trouble, because this is my music notebook...I should 
> > taken my wife's advice, and NEVER have bought that consumer model
> > notebook...bad, bad, bad...I learned a big lesson.  I should have 
>spent an
> > extra grand for a commercial box with an M processor, XP Pro, etc.
> >
> > Also, regarding your statement below, I might argue with that when it 
> > to "some" commercial boxes. I have had my work notebook, the NC model, 
> > over three years, using it 10-14 hours a day...it is on 24 hours a 
>day. I've
> > taken it on business trips, yanked it around to meeting rooms, dropped 
>it in
> > its bag, worked on the plane where people in front of me jammed their 
> > back into my display, worked in hotels, in bed when my back was hurt,
> > etc.....I expect this thing will easily last another two years. You are
> > right about the insurance, or what we like to refer to as extended
> > warranties in PC land, or Care Packs in HP.  You'll note that with the
> > expensive commercial boxes like the HP NC models and IMB models, you 
> > get 3 year warranties. This is another reason why enterprise level 
> > buy these commercial boxes.

Art Simon