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new monthly loop-heavy gig in London!

Hi all,

I've finally got round to launching a monthly music night - after a  
couple of years of recording and experimenting with lots of loop- 
friendly chums.

It's called the Recycle Collective - www.recyclecollective.com - and  
the first three dates are -

Nov 16th 2005 - Steve Lawson/Theo Travis duo, and Trip Wamsley - theo  
and I will be playing tunes from our duet Cd, 'For The Love Of Open  
Spaces' as well as some improv stuff, and Trip is a solo bassist/ 
singer-songwriter and an amazing musician and performer.

January 12th 2006 - BJ Cole/Cleveland Watkiss/Steve Lawson - pedal  
steel/voice and bass, solos, duos, trios. I've played with both of  
these guys a lot, and we've done one thing together as a trio at one  
of my gigs before, which was beautiful.

Feb 22nd 2006 - Orphy Robinson/Roger Goula duo + Steve Lawson/Patrick  
Wood duo - tuned percussion/acoustic guitar and then bass/keys, and  
no doubt some stuff with all four of us!

artist links -

I'm really pleased to have put together so many of my favourite  
musicians for these nights. Much loopage will certainly take place,  
but more importantly, much beautiful music will ensue.

The venue is Darbucka World Music Bar - www.darbucka.com - 182 St  
John's Street, Clerkenwell, London, EC1 4JZ and doors open at 7pm.

The tickets for each night are 6/4 but you can buy reduced price  
advance tickets from www.stevelawson.net/store/

And in-keeping with the recycling theme, we're going to have a  
different recycling collection each month and the first one is mobile  
phones - bringing an old mobile phone will get you money off CDs  
bought on the night, and the phones will be given to Oxfam to recycle.

Please come down, and spread the word, it's going to be a fantastic  
event each month!

www.stevelawson.net - site
www.stevelawson.net/store/ - shop
http://steve.anthropiccollective.org - blog