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I've got my 2+ banks of FCB-Repeater commands written down, taped to the 
rack side.  Formerly I relied on my memory (not good), but after a 
period of little looping ("Little Latin Lupe Lu?"), I was not real sure 
what I'd programmed.  Then someone posted here what they'd found on the 
archives as a sample of a FCB-Repeater setup.  It turned out to be mine, 
what I'd posted way earlier!  Won't lose it again...


jondrums wrote:

> I know this sounds obvious but I haven't seen other people doing it.  
> I put some tape in a strip above each of the control pedals on the 
> FCB1010 and wrote in what function they do in each of the three banks 
> I have programmed. Its kind of too small to easily read standing up, 
> but you could try color coding, symbols, whatever works.  I pretty 
> much have bank1 memorized, and use 2 and 3 for slightly more 
> specialized functions so its nice to have the cheat sheet there.
> I also copied and pasted stuff from the pdf manual into a spreadsheet 
> and organized everything there for all my midi devices so I don't have 
> to go flipping through manuals to figure out which PG, CC, of NOTE 
> controls what, ect.
> Also, write down what midi channel numbers each device you have is 
> supposed to be set to and stick this to your FCB - you will thank me 
> sometime in the future when things aren't working right becuase you 
> added a new device and its interfering with midi data on a certain 
> channel.
> Jon