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Re: ethics (was Re: Building a rackmount looping computer as an alternative to the Receptor for Mobius)

Oh come on people.  Look around.  Echoplex... did they
buy the concept of looping from the people who made
the tape version?  Who was the first real time looper?
 Should he or she be getting monthly checks from every
one who makes a looper?  Does Les Paul get a cut of
every electric guitar made?  Moog sure didn't invent
the analog synth... was the first Moog ethical?

I remember a while ago Matthais was talking about
doing a software version of the EDP, as he was pissed
off at how Gibson was dealing with him and his
product.  Not sure if that situation has changed, but
I sure don't see him with a product available.

The maker of Mobius gives his software away... how
could you accuse him of being anything but of the
highest ethics.  While we're on the topic of ethics,
shall we talk about how Gibson buys companies and
buries them? What other oberheim products have gone
the way of the dodo under Gibson's ownership?  Hmm?


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