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Re: why do we play live? (mini Adrian Belew review too!)

After they bump into you the first time, use a well placed leg to send 
them on their asses.  Do it again if they come by again.  And again.

Even the most stoned moron will figure it out.


PS - maybe this ethic comes from my punk rock roots, where the pit was 
the pit, but if you went too far astray, you got what you deserved.

Todd Howell wrote:

>I am beginning to get to the same place. I understand the need to move 
>and physically express joy to music. A very necessary thing at some 
>level. On the other hand, being so cluster-f*ckingly self absorbed as to 
>dance into people  and being completely disrespectful of their personal 
>space and enjoyment of the concert is just plain unacceptable. Most of 
>these particular folk are on some manner of chemically-based agenda in 
>relation to the music. I've no problem with that, being that I've enjoyed 
>certain moments of chemically induced musical appreciation on many an 
>occasion, though that is no longer a possibility while trying to go to 
>school and pay a mortgage. The whole self-absorbed aspect of that manner 
>of behaviour seems off-putting. It all boils down to basic respect for 
>the artist and your fellow audiwnce members. And unfortunately, there is 
>a complete drought of such behaviour. I am to the point where I only go 
>to see live music 7-10 times a year any more. Too many headaches, 
>including parking, price,  other concert-goers, onwards to poor sound 
>quality and crap venues. What about you? I realize alot of this is a 
>function of age and am willing to be consider an old f*rt.
>He who lurks.........
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>I hear you Ted.  Oh I hear you.  Though, oddly enough
>I've enjoyed your performances each time I've seen
>Here's another bit:
>Why do I go see live music?
>Friday I went to see Adrian Belew at Slim's in SF.  As
>always Adrian was great.  He seems comfortable and
>downright gleeful on stage running through his set. 
>However, I left thinking I'd never go to another show
>again.  Why?  A few reasons.
>One: TOO FUCKING LOUD.  I'm sick of going to shows
>that are so loud you need ear protection.  Your choice
>is then to hurt yourself or hear a muddy muffled
>version.  When shows can cost as much as $80 a ticket
>(Hi Prince!) you'd think a well balanced audio set up
>can be expected, but this is rarely the case in my
>experience.  I've been at Adrian Belew and King
>Crimson shows that were so loud I needed ear
>Two: Over zealous dancers.  Friday night much of the
>time was spent trying to get away from or ignore to
>smelly idiots who seem to think that dancing wildly in
>a crowded club is OK.  To them: I'm sorry your father
>never paid attention to you and I know you feel that
>no one loves you, but regardless, we didn't come to
>see you so please settle down and enjoy the show.  Do
>aerobics at your gym.
>Three: I'm 5'7" and my girlfriend is 5'.  We had a
>hard time seeing a damn thing most of the night.
>So, I've kind of sworn myself off live music for the
>time being.  Each time I go I end up disappointed. 
>Maybe this is why I generally avoid playing live as
>--- ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:
>>As some one who just played Y2K3 last night and who
>>is currently 
>>listening to the live stream of Billy "Gee-tar Man"
>>Walker -- sweeping 
>>the floor of all other pretenders -- I have to say
>>definatively . . . 
>>I dunno . . .
>>It's a kind of "mountain" that I psych myself up to
>>climb a half dozen 
>>times (sometimes more, sometmes less) a year. I am
>>very seldom 
>>ever satisfied with these "climbing" experiences. I
>>too often go ill 
>>prepared (or equipped) and wind up sliding halfway
>>down a glacier 
>>on my sorry ass. Sometimes it happens even when I am
>>well prepared and outfitted too. 
>>The rare "satisfying" performances seem to come
>>entirely at 
>>random and unexpectly. There seems to be no
>>"science" to it. All 
>>of my disciplined preperations (if and when I apply
>>myself) seem 
>>to have little to no affect on the outcome actually.
>>They seem 
>>to amount to little more than a more elaborate form
>>of "crossing 
>>my fingers" and/or some sort of offeratory to the
>>gods of "guilt" 
>>and "responsibility." And . . . I don't want t let
>>anyone down.
>>I suppose I perform live because I keep hoping for
>>that next repeat
>>of the rare, blissful, play-my-ass-off,
>>where-the-hell-is-this-music-coming-from (surely not
>>me?) experience.
>>For only having had a taste of it a few times I am
>>still certainly addicted 
>>nonetheless. I need it now as surely as a junky
>>needs a fix.
>>But why? God, I wish I knew. Sometimes I think I'd
>>go into rehab and 
>>"take the cure" to be rid of it for all the grief
>>it's caused me. Then,
>>at other times, I'd trade my left nut to taste of
>>that bliss again.
>>Best regards,
>>tEd  kiLLiAn
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