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Hans Reichel (was RE: 1st Y2k5 pictures and DAY ONE AND DAY TWO's concerts)

Glad to see someone else picking up the daxophone. Travis doesn't
mention that Hans R. invented it.

You won't find it played on all of Reichel's recordings, though. For
those unfamiliar with Reichel, he was one of the pioneers of many
extended guitar techniques, and is an astonishing and VERY out there
improviser mostly shorn of the jazz vocabulary (if he ever had any). I
particularly love his early recordings such as the acoustic "Death of
the Rare Bird Ymir". Later work incorporates an increasing array of
pedals and delays and verges on looping at times. For many in the US at
least Reichel was introduced on the original "Guitar Solos" compilations
put together by Fred Frith.

Hal Dean 

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The daxaphone is *bizarre* sounding instrument.  To hear more, check out
Hans Reichel's catalog, or there's one track of it on that
"Whirlyphones..." CD that came with the book.  He's also got pictures of
his beautiful and bizarre many daxes on his website.  Great stuff!


On 10/7/05, loop.pool <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> I played an improv set with Matt Davignon on drum machine (please go 
> out and buy BWOO,  it's a really unique and extremely creative CD) and

> the Hideki came and joined us playing the amazing
> 'daxaphone'  which is an instrument that I saw him play in Kyoto at
> looping festival there earlier this summer.
> He is an incredible craftsperson and has a factory that makes the 
> beautiful electric mandolins that he plays in concert. This instrument

> is just a piece of then hardwood, carved like a dagger that has a 
> pickup on it. You play it with a bow and 'fret' it with a wooden 
> 'slide' that has frets on the bottom of it in a curved shape.
> In this way you can roll the 'slide' over the board and it tunes the
wood as
> you bow it.
> It sounds uncannily human;  almost like little boys and girls who are 
> making nonsense sounds.  It's extremely expressive and Hideki played 
> it while I processed him in the EDP and the Repeater.