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Re: Looping in Stereo

     Yes Kris, the Repeater loops either 4 mono loops, 2 stereo loops, or 
2 mono with 1 stereo
loop.  All simultaneous loops are by necessity all the same length.  
Maximum loop time is 8
minutes, regardless of the size of the CFC card.

     Having the ability to do stereo loops, I find myself consistently 
looping mono and
"stereoizing" the loops after the Repeater.  For my way of working, this 
is a far more efficient
use of resources.  You have to remember that all aux sends and/or busses 
need to process in
stereo, and the resources of your mixer come under the gun.

      As an example of my signal flow, I send all instruments (myself and 
others) through a Mackie
1604 (16 channel, 4 buss, 6 aux sends).  This gives me 8 stereo inputs.  
One of the aux sends
feeds the Repeater (which is "dry muted", not passing the original 
signal).  The Repeater then
comes back into the mixer and is routed to the other FX via a buss or 
another aux send, which lend
a stereo field to the otherwise mono sound.  If I want to send a stereo 
signal to the Repeater,
the mixer allows me to do that easily, though at the cost of another aux 
send and input channel.

     So my instruments (mostly keyboards) are all running through the 
board in stereo, the
Repeater is one of the only mono instruments that is later stereoized.  
Okay, I've got a mono Time
Machine in there too...  Even my guitar is running through a Replex (mono) 
then on to a TC Stereo
Chorus Flanger and into the board in stereo.  My WX5 wind controller of 
course follows the stereo
path, as almost all MIDI modules (ROMplers, physical modellers, etc) 
output in stereo, even if
it's only the internal FX that's in stereo.


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