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Re: OT: Noodle Radio

On Oct 3, 2005, at 8:43, Claude Voit wrote:

> Hey wanna make the guys in the office crazy

I must be Crazy-In-Office then, since I like that noodle music! It  
feels like an electronic Wind Harp with an alien sense of humor ;-))   
The G2 seems to be really cool. It would be fun to use such noodle  
patches with a little interactivity added, to make the noodling patch  
respond to different (live) audio input parameters.

My previous fav streaming station for slow music is Drone Zone, but  
that's not half as random as Noodle Station. Here's the link to Drone  
Zone btw: (getting it all into a browser window, or iTunes or any pc  



> not looping but Random but not really ....
> please tune in to Noodle radio http://electro-music.com/noodle-radio
> till next wednesday october 5
> Claude
> PS: Noodle Radio is a creation by Jan Punter  Blue Hell
> About Noodle Radio
>      Noodle Radio is a radio station playing noodles.
>      A Noodle is a collection one or more of synthesizer patches  
> that makes
> a synthesizer play itself, without further human intervention.
>      For Noodle Radio the synthesizer used is a Clavia Nord Modular G2
> synthesizer. This is a synthesizer that has a modular structure  
> which can
> easily be used to make it noodle.