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Re: echoplex feedback problem with fcb1010


Have you calibrated the FCB's expression pedals?  Intructions for how
to calibrate the pedals can be found on the FCB1010 yahoo group in the
files section under "Help".

I'll privately send you a copy of the PDF just to make life easier. :)


On 8/30/05, claude voit <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:
> first try to use the other pedal for feedback, then you'll know if its 
> fcb that has a problem
> (wich I suspect)
> Claude
> help!
> if im in overdub mode and bring back the feedback level below 100% i cant
> get it back up while in still in that mode. it just goes to 0% at the max
> position of the expression pedal. if i leave overdub mode, it works
> correctly again.
> vol works fine on the other pedal.
> ___
> Adrian Bartholomew
> Leawood KS