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Re: LD praise ...

for those who want to know more about hurdygurdy virtuoso Matthias Loibner,
he has a site together with his percussion partner, Tunji Beier. It 
mp3s from their pre-looping time but they are awesome anyway.
Imagine this stuff with loops included. They are currently in the studio
working on their first album - I talked to Matthias and made sure he will
post the release date on LD.


The 30 minute set of this duo was one of several truly breathtaking events
during this wonderful loopfestival, Zurich/Switzerland 2005. And I mean,
truly breathtaking.

The set of the Swiss avantgarde band New Bag (who I hadn't heard of before)
left me openmouthed. Floored, really. The best concert of a band I've seen
for years. And lots of the other loopers in the room also had this
openmouthed look on their faces. If you love energetic and complex rock and
jazz, go to http://www.newbag.ch. Listen to their mp3s. Buy their CDs.

To me, the highlight of the third day was Michael Schiefel's 30 minute 
loop wizardry, and his stage presence - the audience was raptured, there
were standing ovations, people jumped and shouted for more.
http://www.schiefel.de .... here are impressions from Michael Schiefel's 
from the livelooping evening in Berlin in 2003:

This was my first larger loopfestival, and I was really happy to be able to
finally meet longtime email-based looping friends in person - Bill Walker
(whose brother Rick I had already met on his Europe tour), Andy Butler,
Claude Voit, Michael Klobuchar, Os and Michael Bearpark of Darkroom, Per
Boysen, James Sidlo, Gareth Whittock, Luca Formentini, Dan Mayfield ... to
name just a few .... Matthias Grob was also there of course ... and 
Wagner who had organized the festival - many many thanks Bernhard!

On the afternoon of the first day, we had a small scale workshop that was
also big fun ... Rick gave us rhythm lessons, Matthias Grob showed his new
Firewire-driven guitar and software, Per and Os demonstrated the Augustus
loop software, Michael Schiefel introduced us to his new setup consisting 
two EDPs, a voice effect unit, and a small midi keyboard controller. Wow!

Group photo after the loop festival:

Michael Peters