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Re: EDP Brother Sync Question

>>>Hi Kim and all other EDP users - Would you mind answering a 
>>>brother sync question for me?  I have a newer EDP Pro Plus and my 
>>>partner has an EDP Pro with max RAM and Loop IV.  I am having 
>>>trouble getting brother sync to work at all.  I have a TRS stereo 
>>>cable (new cable) connecting them b-sync to b-sync.  And both are 
>>>set to Sync=Out.  I do NOT have a MIDI cable running between them.
>>all correct
>>>   I follow the instructions in the manual to the letter but never 
>>>see the sync LED flash in the second unit (no matter which 
>>>initiates the master loop) and never see the ooo in the display 
>>>indicating that the slave unit is waiting for a sync pulse.
>>seems you are reading the Loop 3 manual
>>you should see the overdub LED become brown at the first sync and 
>>then the time of the master on the slaves display after the second 
>>sync pulse.
>B-  I don't think it is the Loop 3 Manual.  Brand new echoplex (I 
>traded up) and the manual though un-dated, says Digital Pro Plus.  I 
>looked at the Aurisis Loop IV upgrade manual (from their website) 
>but couldn't find anything pertinent.  Do you know where I can find 
>the newer manual online if this isn't it?

ah, ok, seems you got the new fat one.
in loop4 you can also get the ooo if you go to quantize
and if you dont see those leds and numbers I mention, its not 
syncing, which is que question here...

>>if this does not happen with the stereo cable and Sync=Out, I guess 
>>you have a HW problem :-(
>>>Any idea why this might be happening?  We are desperately anxious 
>>>to get this working as it is one of the main reason my partner 
>>>traded up to an Echoplex.  Any ideas or suggestions?
>>>Finally, assuming I am able to resolve the first issue, can anyone 
>>>give me more insight into how brother sync handles multiple loops? 
>>>For example, if I have moreloops=2 on the master, but only 1 on 
>>>the slave, will they still sync up and what happens when the 
>>>master switches to loop 2?  Do I have to set the slave in advance 
>>>to the same number of loops as the master?
>>but if the loops dont have the same lenght they obviously fall apart.
>>so either you make them the same length with Next- Overdub, 
>>Next-Mulitply, Next-Insert, or NextCopy=time/Snd
>>or you do ReAlign when you are back to the loop you want to be synced.
>B- I think I understand. The re-align function looks useful.

yes! Claude Voit's idea!

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