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Re: bose pa speaker thingie

But how do they actually sound?  I've yet to find a
Bose speaker that sounds decent IMO.  Anyone know
what's up with speakers that work on constructive
interference?  Too directional for PA speakers?


--- nemoguitt@verizon.net wrote:

> speaking of abercrombie.....while at the guitar
> center on saturday i listened 
> to an abercrombie cd played thru one of those bose
> speaker towers.....i was 
> impressed.....what i liked most about it was the
> fact that you didn't have to 
> play it "loud" to get it to project for a pretty
> good distance (standing 6 
> feet in front of it with a comfortable volume, it
> still sounded great about 
> 40-50 feet away, wonderful!).....the only problem
> was if you want to go stereo 
> your lookin at close to $4000 for two speakes and 2
> subs.....anyone else 
> listen to these?.....after thinking about it though,
> the bose would be no 
> easier a schlepp than my srm's (which get heavier
> every day).....i would play 
> out more if it wasn't for the moving of "stuff" from
> a third floor studio to 
> the venue and back again.....it's awful to be lazy
> but it's worse to be old 
> and lazy.....:).....mic
> http://mysite.verizon.net/vzepmeci

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