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Re: bose pa speaker thingie

nemoguitt@verizon.net wrote:

> ....i would play
> out more if it wasn't for the moving of "stuff" from a third floor 
> studio to
> the venue and back again.....it's awful to be lazy but it's worse to 
> be old
> and lazy.....:).....mic

My running joke is that I play for free... so long as I'm paid cartage!
1) Disassemble studio
2) Pack gear
3) Lug gear upstairs
4) Load gear into car
5) Drive to gig with $2.40/gal gas
6) Unload car
7) Lug gear to stage
8) Set up gear
9) Play
10) Disassemble gear
11) Pack gear
12) Lug gear to car
13) Load gear into car
14) Drive home with $2.55/gal gas
15) Unload car
16) Lug gear back to basement
17) Unpack gear
18) Set up gear
19) Rehearse
20) Repeat 1 - 19
So as you see, I don't charge for #9 or #19 since I enjoy doing those.  
I charge for the rest because I hate doing it or it costs me money.  As 
you can see, I'm over worked AND under paid!  ;-(  Oh, by the way, 
working musicians are also publishers, lawyers, promoters, graphic 
artists, webmasters, audio engineers, computer and software engineers, 
record label executives, and a whole bunch of other things that have 
NOTHING to do with why we like music so much that we've become musicians 
by choice.


Bill Fox