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Re: OT: MP3 Sites with Non-mainstream Artists

--- Wind Stick Devil <wklemmer1@yahoo.com> wrote:  
> I haven't been motivated to obtain an iPod or
> similar. But, I've been thinking recently about how
> nice it would be to have all my Harold Budd, John
> Abercrombie, Zbgniew  Preisner (as a couple
> examples) albums on one device.

See, that's what I love about this list: I'm familiar
with and enjoy the music of the first two guys on that
short 'ferexample' list, but have never heard of the
third. However, you can bet I'll soon be googling him,
and chances are, I'll soon be listening to him as


ps: in honor of our FRISCAN listmembers, tonight I'm
having Rice-a-Roni for supper. I haven't had that
stuff in years, but when I was in the grocery store
just now and saw some, I actually thought of the
Frisco thread and, well, you know...

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