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Re: Call it "Frisco" if I damn well wanna

Ok one for the french speaking as all the europeans dont understand 
at all ....:=)

Each time I say I live in the small town of Aubonne (switzerland) there is 
always some smaart guy to add the name of two other small villages nearby 
Gimel Gland

WAFF-WAFF-WAFF  Aubonne, Gimel, Gland ......

sorry its late     

Ill tell you in Zurich...


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From: "daniel stevenson" <stillllscary@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Sunday, August 14, 2005 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: Call it "Frisco" if I damn well wanna

ever been to "licking"county oral sex is legal there....i always obey the 
law there.

joe rut <joerut@lycos.com> wrote:As someone not born in SF, but who lived 
there for years, I can't even tell you the hours of pleasure I've derived 
calling it "Frisco" and then trying to get the offended parties to explain 
why they are offended. Top-notch

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From: "Clint Allen"
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Subject: Re: "Just don't say Frisco..."
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 23:00:41 -0400

> I've the same compasion for when people both in or out of town pronounce
> Louisville as "Luavul".
> I too show up at the doorstep, only with a bonesaw and a bag of lye. I 
> also
> play some insane loop
> full of boops and beeps.
> Clint Allen
> LoooEEEVille!
> On 8/13/05, Jeff Larson wrote:
> >
> > Timothy Mungenast wrote:
> > > Geez, I've lived in Boston for 22 years and I really don't care if 
> > > anyone
> > > calls in Beantown... but then again, I'm from Skaneateles, so that 
> > > explain my lack of fervor.
> >
> > I'm from Des Moines. But if I hear anyone say "Moines" I will
> > show up at your doorstep with a jello mold, a quart of mayonnaise,
> > shrink tubing and a hair dryer. Be warned.
> >
> >
> >


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