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RE: Behringer FCB 1010 or Digital Music Ground Control?

Ive had esxperiences with the Digitech PMC10,Rocktron
all access, ground control and Behringer FCB1010,The
dream come tue foot controller would be the PMC10 if
they would reissue it with a more stable
software,other than that the Behringer is without a
doubt the best one to control the EDP,and ive never
had any issues with it.But i agree that the manual is
oce again written in chinese!

--- Bill Edmondson <edmondson5@comcast.net> wrote:

> I thought the same - built like a tank. I've had two
> negative episodes after
> now very long (brand new unit).
> 1) the midi in connector, mounted to the
> motherboard, began 'caving in'
> toward the inside of the unit. Now I have to
> maneuver the midi cable just
> right to be able to insert it.
> 2) at one of the gigs, I press a fcb1010 footswitch
> to perform a program
> change on 2 roland gr-33's. instead of a horn patch,
> it called up a drum
> patch! What a mess! I assume that I had pressed a
> bank up or something by
> accident. It turns out that the fcb1010 had lost
> it's marbles for the
> moment. It was reproducible by selecting a different
> footswitch and coming
> back to the problem selection. After resetting the
> fcb1010, everything was
> back to normal. I can only suspect that the ram
> content were corrupted for
> some reason.
> Cheap is as cheap does.
> I've been on the lookout for a replacement ever
> since and I've decided to
> enforce a 'no behringer' policy in my studio.
> Also, it's a complete bear to program.
> Not a big fan.
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> Subject: Re: Behringer FCB 1010 or Digital Music
> Ground Control?
>      Dave,
>      Behringer has been slagged a lot on this list
> as well as others.
> Sometimes they really
> deserve it, as in their budget line of mixers.  Some
> people on this list
> swear by their higher end
> mixers, claiming them to be superior to the higher
> priced Mackie's.  This is
> just to say don't
> judge a company on only a few of their products.
>      The FCB1010 is built like a tank, it should
> give many many years of
> trouble free operation. 
> Just make sure that the pedals are calibrated and
> that you clear out ALL of
> the presets that come
> with it.  Also be sure to get the latest EPROM's,
> you can usually call up
> the nearest factory
> outlet in your country and they'll ship you the
> latest for free.  That was
> my experience anyway. 
> The switches are relatively quiet.  Once you get
> your head around how to
> program it, it's easy.  I
> was never able or willing to go that far, combined
> with realizing that it
> didn't fit my own
> playing style, so I let mine go.
>      I've never used the Ground Control Pro so I
> can't weigh in on that
> unit.  If reliability is
> what you're after, you should be pretty happy with
> the FCB1010.
>          Stephen
> > I have been pretty staunchly anti-behringer for 
> > years, I've justified this purchase by saying to
> myself that at least 
> > I'm not passing audio through it. But I am worried
> about sturdiness, I 
> > play about 100 gigs a year and need stuff that is
> reliable and doesn't 
> > break. The good side of the Behringer is that it's
> almost unbelievably 
> > cheap, and seems to be very flexible as far as
> MIDI programmability.
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