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RE: My "Pretty Song"...

Yes, Fabio, you "get it".   It is a device or strategy, and I should have 
mentioned that amidst an evening of experimental improvisational looping, 
when I do play this "pretty boring [albeit relative term that can't be 
applied to inherent characteristics of a song]...looped 8-chord track of 
uber effected pseudo Metheny noodling" or something similar but just as 
"lazy," it tends to generate more applause and smiles (and has actually 
made people cry) than any other 15 minute improv tune where I'm killing 
myself to keep things fresh every loop cycle. Or I could loop Wayne 
Shorter's "Footprints" (using only four chords), or All Blues (using only 
four chords), or about fifty billion other jazz three-chord wonders that 
under-utilize looping technology, but miraculously put a smile on 
listener's faces and give them a break from intellectual and emotionally 
dense music. It is a reprieve for everyone, including myself.   

But now that you mention it, Claude, next time I want to give the audience 
a break and appeal to the common denominator, I'll just take a coffee 
break and loop the chords for 4 minutes, letting their idle chatter 
substitute for my noodling, since it takes such an unbelievably low degree 
of effort and inspiration to create drivel like this.  ;)


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Don't misunderstand me: I like this kind of music but non diatonic music 
or other modern kinds of music are not for all ears.
So I think it's a good "strategy", give, sometimes (and when it needs), to 
the audience something "pretty" like this, just to attract attention.
It's a simple strategy, but it's necessary some time to re-call attention 
from audience.


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> > really "pretty" !!!
> > Fabio
> >
> really pretty boring: a looped chord track with uber effected pseudo
> noodling for 4 minutes
> this isnt "live looping" this is the "band in a box" looper cliché.
> dont be lazy with what you propose online.
> or maybe its a parody ?
> or I should keep this for myself ?
> Claude
> putting the stick in the anthill