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Re: Gig tonight - NYC

Darn!  You should have told us earlier!  

I can't make it but I could have sent it to my list:  http://ax.to

On 6/30/05, Sarth <sarth@sarth.net> wrote:
> Hey all, wanted to let you know my band
> Lucibel Crater is playing over at
> nublu - 62 avenue C (between 4th and 5th)
> Tonight, Thursday, June 30th at
> 9:00 (before Forro in the Dark at 11:00)
> with no cover if you show up for the early show
> Featuring, of course, lots of live looping/processing (that's why the
> post - hey?) using kyma and various other lower-tech solutions .. looped
> vocals, cello, drums, keys ... should be fun.
> Love,
> Lucibel


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