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recent loop listenings..../the difinitive looper list....

some recent loop listenings for me:
andre L-F's-normalized
dt's-best laid plans and tripping over god & s-c oah
bfrisell's ghost town (his solo cd from '00)
one album i've been enjoying is nels clines' 'giant pin', very different than most of my listenings,
and last nite i was listening to bit one of
Michael K's "nemoguitar" 's recent cd (i'm so brain dead this am i can't remember the name of it M! sorry). but i will say that i need to listen to it again today, b/c there is lots of "what is that sound?" going on, which i like!
as for the difinitive looper list-i would like to see a quick cheat sheet type of spread sheet thing, b/c when i was in a more active search for gear it would have been nice to see, i realize there is lots of older out of production boxes out there, but could be a help to a newbie, and good for people like me who use the "non-top of the line loopers",
digitech rp100---2 sec of delay(to 99% feedback), easy to manipulate
digitech rp7---3.5 sec of delay (to 100% feedback), not easy to manipulate
ibanez de7---2.8 sec of delay (NOT near 100% for infinite loops, but it can do "timeshifts" pretty good, just need to capture them quickly), easy to manipulate
etc etc....

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