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Doug's gratuitous introspective.... / Live Insect Looping?

And now you've learned to how to appease a group of irritable,
hair-splitting, obsessive-compulsive SOBs who like everything detailed
and analyzed down to a gnat's ass. :)   Yep, looks like you've got your
money's worth with the looping technology. Learning is always a good
thing in my mind....and un-learning sometimes equally as important!
[explanation intentionally left out] 

BTW, I have personally specified the width of a gnat's ass, and I have a
small image to illustrate if anyone is interested.... Heh heh....it's an
old work joke with some engineers, but I do have it and can send on
request to provide hours of amusement.

...speaking of which, has anyone looped live insects? For instance, it
would be interesting to have several small glass jars (one inch by inch
approx) with some sort of noise making insect in each jar, and a small
condenser mic in each as well.  You could have bees, those hissing
beetles, mosquitoes, and I'm sure there are is a whole micro-menagerie
of insects that make interesting sounds. Then you could apply all sorts
of effects on each one.  What maniacal lunatic out there has already
done this?  :)  Imagine a hissing beetle looped and blasting loud with a
filter and octavizor on it....etc.


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basic looping

Thanks to all for an attempt at translating my comment :)

What I mean is:
- I've learned to take control of my loops (vs. letting them own the
tempo) via things like loop restart, truncating loops, and loop
- I've learned to listen much more deeply than I ever have before (note:
I've been playing in various types of bands since I was a teen, I'm 40
- The band is not playing to a click, and there's no MIDI synching, etc
- I've learned to work the feedback and loop volume parameters in a way
that now feels as natural as working the knobs on my guitar
- I've learned how to make loops "fit" in a band context - better at
thinking ahead melodically so that my loops fit across the changes
- I've learned how to communicate what I'm doing loop-wise with the
band, and how to incorporate looping into our collective thought process
and jamming
- I've learned to show up 15 mins early and do a looping warmup along
with my regular warmup :)