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FW: triggering loops with a drum machine (was Re: CreditingBernhard Wagner)

Hi Per and Rick, 

I use a Korg ER-1 for this purpose. It also serves as a tap tempo MIDI 
source. Stopping and starting the ER-1 means you can both "freeze" the
button presses in one "scene", and then restart the EDP commands in time.

You can change the pattern of button presses while playing. (remember the
shift key if you move between one notes sequence and another.

I very rarely use the sounds on the ER-1 but for those who do it is 
to assign any sound to any note so you can have the notes assigned to EDP
functions where convenient for the EDP and the notes for drum sounds out of

Midi channel is set globally and can only be changed when ER-1 is stopped.
That's an easy way to use the same pattern to do drums without sending to
the EDP. 

Best wishes


> On Jun 22, 2005, at 0:52, L. Angulo wrote:
>> Hey Rick!
>> Isnt this what we had asked Claude Voit when we played
>> at the loop fest in Switzerland 2 yrs ago? I believe
>> he said he used this same technique in his CD
>> recording,which he explained to us briefly but not in
>> detail and i am still standing in a foggy day with
>> this so can you experienced loopers share this
>> technique once more? iŽd love to do it with my MPC1000
>> sampler!
>> cheers
>> Luis
> Rick told me too about "Andre controlling the EDP with a drum
> machine" when we played together here in Sweden in 2003. But I always
> took that for simply stepping on the drum machines buttons to send
> out midi notes that trig different actions in the EDP. I've tried
> that myself many times before getting the much better controller
> Behringer FCB1010. You can not set every function to a unique note
> number in the EDP, but there is an off-set to match the full midi
> note scale of any drum machine (or other midi note sending source)
> used to match the EDP functions you want to access.
> Maybe I did not understand Rick correctly, but that's how it fell
> into my brain back then ;-)  If you can manage to match some midi
> notes from a drum machine, used as action triggers for the EDP, with
> an audio output of a good beat from the drum machine, this will
> provide a quite compact and yet powerful performance set-up. Given
> you have a mixer to blend the drum machine's and the EDP's audio
> output (or rely on the sound man to mix it on the house system).
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.looproom.com (international)
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> --->  iTunes Music Store (digital)
> www.cdbaby.com/perboysen

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