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re: crediting Bernhard Wagner

Luis wrote:
Hey Rick!Isnt this what we had asked Claude Voit when we played
at the loop fest in Switzerland 2 yrs ago? I believe
he said he used this same technique in his CD
recording,which he explained to us briefly but not in
detail and i am still standing in a foggy day with
this so can you experienced loopers share this
technique once more? iŽd love to do it with my MPC1000

Yes, you are correct about that and my addled brain had forgotten that 
but I saw Andre do
it long before then.

Still, in my life, credit for actually learning it and retaining the 
information has to go to my teacher
Bernhard Wagner.

And Luis,  given what an incredibly funky player you are,  I'd love to 
what you'd come up with using that technique
and your MPC 1000.