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triggering loops with a drum machine (was Re: Crediting Bernhard Wagner)

Hey Rick!
Isnt this what we had asked Claude Voit when we played
at the loop fest in Switzerland 2 yrs ago? I believe
he said he used this same technique in his CD
recording,which he explained to us briefly but not in
detail and i am still standing in a foggy day with
this so can you experienced loopers share this
technique once more? iŽd love to do it with my MPC1000

> Dear Bernhard,
> About me writing about where I first heard the
> retriggering of short loops
> with a drum machine technique in the EDP,
> you inquired:
> "I'm eager to learn why you credit Andre for this."
> You had also pointed to an email I had written to
> you after reading a post 
> about that technique on L.D.
> where I had asked you how you had achieved that very
> same technique right 
> before your beautiful Y2K4 performance that you had
> taught me the technique. 
> Thanks for reminding me of this...


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