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Fripp at House of Blues

No there was plenty of tonal mushiness--lots of "polychords" and
non-diatonic notes--in fact he didn't play a chord progression or develop a
key signature, although he did construct a major seventh chord at one 
Since you are familiar with his work it might have been what you
Not my cup of tea. But I have determined that my tastes are simpler than
many on this list.

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From: Hartung, Kris [mailto:kris.hartung@hp.com] 

> Yesterday I went to see Robert Fripp at the House of Blues and I must
say it wasn't all that interesting--he doesn't modulate or for that
matter play any "time"--give me Andre or Bill Walker any day.

He doesn't modulate? Seriously? You mean every song he played was in one
key? No polychords, non-diatonicism, chromatic movements, overtones,
tone clusters, etc. This seems very un-Fripp-like to me. Hell, if you
analyze his Soundscapes, every tune is practically a handful of keys
playing at the same time by the time the loops mature...all sorts of
overtones occuring, etc. You couldn't play a major scale or minor
pentatonic over that stuff if your life depended on it. Well, you could,
but whether it would sound in place is a different matter. :)