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Re: Why the Looper's Delight archive search is broken

Hi everybody-

The Looper's Delight archive search is now working again.

If you see anything going wrong on the website, please let me know. I 
all the issues with upgrading our server have been sorted out, but if we 
missed something please tell me.


At 02:13 PM 6/11/2005, Kim Flint wrote:
>The Looper's Delight archive search is broken because my server began 
>developing major disk problems. The first symptom was the search database 
>for Looper's Delight getting corrupted a couple weeks ago. The server was 
>getting a little old anyway, so rather than try to fix it we decide to 
>upgrade to a new server. Of course that takes a little while to set up, 
>but it is going smooth so far. We are currently transferring all the web 
>sites we run to the new machine, and the last one scheduled to transfer 
>Looper's Delight. That will be tomorrow morning. I don't expect any 
>problems, and hopefully nobody will even notice. Once the transfer is 
>and any issues that come up are fixed, I will be able to rebuild the 
>search database and get it running again. I'll let you know when it is 

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