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Re: the screen in between

Great idea

but we will miss you


more serious:
staves paper, pencil, rubber
real musicians (humans )
concepts instead plugins

good luck

limitation in art is a virtue

limitation in art is a virtue


Subject: the screen in between

this is a bit off-topic but maybe some of you will have good tips.
i have been thinking about getting rid of a computer, at least for a
while. to rest from my small but growing addiction. also as an experiment,
to see if it affects my everyday life, in a longer run. i'm curious to see
if i chose to avoid spending a too big part of my life in front of a
my main hesitation is about how to produce music then (composing,
arranging...). the only alternative i see right now are these multitracks
digital recorders but i'm a bit sceptic and afraid i'll be pissed with the
"linear" way of working.
any suggestions?