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My New Laptop System and Live Sound Clips

Well, I finally got around to playing a gig with the lion's share of my
prior rack setup replaced with the laptop computer and VST effects.
Below is a link to an avant-garde, free style improvisational piece
(Track 2) recorded live on June 2. I wasn't yet comfortable with all the
VST effects I had at my disposal, so I'm trying out a lot of presets on
this particular tune.  The other 3 tunes are fine too, if you are
interested in downloading them.

I do tentatively plan to replace, though not permanently, the EDPs with
Mobius eventually, but I can't run my VST host and plethora of VST
effects at the same time as Mobius...way to much processing required. My
plan is to buy another laptop and run just mobius on that system. 

New soundclips: http://www.savefile.com/projects/830188 (see track #2
for the most experimental piece)

Krispen Hartung - Acoustic Guitar, real-time looping
Vincent Miresse - Didgeridoo, dumbek, singing bowl, bells, rainstick,
udu, etc

Graphics of my new setup, including URLs to the VSTs:

Signal Chain:

Guitar -> Ernie Ball Volume Pedal -> Boss VF1 -> Laptop Computer w/
Creative Labs Audigy 2 ZS Notebook soundcard & EnergyXT VST host

VST Effects loaded on EnergyXT*:

MHC FLEX FX 2.0 Stereo Delay
KJAERHUS Audio Classic Chorus
Antares Filter
Antares Kantos Audio Controlled Synthesizer
Lexicon PSP42
Lexicon PSP84
MHC Space Effect 2.0
MHC VoxFX 2.0
SmartElecronix MadShifta
NUSofting Morphing Delay 
NUSofting Trimmetry Tapper
Mathons Chopitch
Other misc. VST effects

*Delay and Chorus run at all times, other effects activated when desired

Out of soundcard -> 2 EDPs -> Mackie 1202-VLZ mixer (Lexicon LXP1 in aux
for reverb only) -> 1/4 inch to PA and balanced XLR to Alesis Masterlink
ML-9600 to record