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Re: EDP footpedal failure queery

Why why why ???

just get yourself a bag of replacement switches and solder them in
easy fast and so much cheaper



Rick brother throw it away and get the FCB1010 youŽll
be glad you did!

--- "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com> wrote:

> Three of my buttons on my EDP proprietary footpedal
> suddenly wouldn't work
> at my Luggage Store gig in SF tonight.
> I limped through the set using face plate buttons
> but I'm pretty bummed.
> Is this a fix that a mere mortal can attempt to make
> or is it all the way
> back to England for this puppy to
> be functional again?
> I'm also wondering since three of them in a row
> suddenly didn't work if
> maybe there is a short
> somewhere that is knocking all three out.  Any
> ideas?
> I lost the ability to multiply, insert and mute.
> Record still seems to
> work.  Worked like a charm all through
> my japanese tour.
> worried,   Rick Walker


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