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Re: coming up with titles

On Jun 1, 2005, at 9:14, obadia wrote:

> . when i finish a record i browse them. they
> are not always fitting but often there do.

> i think preoccupations one have
> are somehow connected from a media to another.
> stéphane

That's interesting. It also appears as we are not, as individuals,  
fully aware of these connections. Not initially, that is, but as you  
work on ideas for  different media you may slowly start to realize  
that they are all children of the same more or less subconscious  
"inspiration trigger" within yourself. Some say "I always write the  
same song", "I always play the same music" or "I always paint the  
same picture", which is typical.

Next level of this thinking is to assume that every human being has a  
default blue-print for optional artistic expression. The interesting  
question here is if that individual blue-print does change over time?  
Or are we just digging deeper into it? (thinking about DNA structure  

Greetings from Sweden

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