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RE: Zurich

Thank you very much, Ted!

I hadn't yet updated the site, so I take the opportunity to mention Tunji
Beier, who will be performing together with Matthias Loibner.

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiasm! I really appreciate!

PS: Everyone please pass the url on to all the obscure mailing lists,
underground magazines, festival directories, Sound magazines in your
city/state/country! I very much depend on you to create the biggest buzz
possible to prove there's the need for such a festival! Thank you!

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Wow! What a wonderful line-up you've got up there at:

Michael Klobuchar - USA
Michael Peters - Germany
Mike Bearpark - UK
Os - UK
William Walker - USA
Per Boysen - Sweden
Luca Formentini - Italy
Dan Mayfield - UK
Christy Doran - Switzerland
Wolfgang Zwiauer- Switzerland
Hans-Peter Pfammatter - Switzerland
Fabian Kuratli - Switzerland
Bruno Amstad - Switzerland
Andreas Willers - electric guitar
Petr Samojsky - Czech Republic
André Müller - Switzerland
Gareth Whittock - UK
Rick Walker - USA
Andy Butler - UK
Matthias Loibner - Austria
Eric Hunziker - Switzerland
Christoph Grab - Switzerland
Ephrem Lüchinger - Switzerland
Marius Peyer - Switzerland
Stefan Keller - Switzerland
Andrej Jaku - Croatia
Ivan Kapec - Croatia
Philipp "zurrigo" Zürcher - Switzerland
Claude Voit - Acoustic Guitar
James Sidlo - USA
Fabio Anile - Italy
Ljubo Majstorovic - Switzerland
Rätus Flisch - Switzerland
Norbert Pfammatter - Switzerland
Christian Röver  - Germany

Congratulations on putting such a terrific series together. So many
familiar names. So may thatt I'd love to hear 'em too. Good luck!

Best regards,

tEd ® kiLLiAn

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