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OT: Rick Walker's Ultra Vi()lette

Hi gang,
I tickled pink to announce that I took the plunge and recorded my first 
piece of music where I wrote the lyrics and sang lead vocals (gasp!) as 
as playing all the instruments
this past month.   It is called "It Doesn't Matter (what they say) and I'm 
proud to announce that is has been added
 to the prestigious Kobe Underground Compilation 
(on of the biggest Japanese goth CDs put out each year).

Preorders for that wonderful comp are being taken at

Also, I'm being flown to Japan to perform at the Kobe Underground Festval 
(and three other live solo dates in Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto) at the end
of May.  Individual gig information is at http://www.deathtrippers.com/ if 
you happen to be in Japan at that time.  I'll also be performing on the 
with Japans most noteable live looper, the wonderful Sunao Inami as well 
Dark Ambient/Goth artists ACI and Phantasmagoria and Sins of the Flesh.

I've always wanted to do  pop music (in this case goth/darkwave) but was 
always afraid to
both write lyrics and sing lead.   I was in a very theatrical new wave 
in the early 80's (Tao Chemical)
as a drummer and was the bassist in Lackadaisy (my wife's project) in the 
late 90's so this is my first foray
into pop in a long time.   I'm really happy to be back because I love lots 
of different pop music.
Anyone whose seen me perform in the last five years might be a little 
surprised by this track.  I hope so , at least.   lol.

If anyone is in touch with a local goth/darkwave DJ  I would love to send 
them a remix of the track designed for clubs.  Please contact me and I"ll 
send you a copy poste haste.  Thanks,  this is my only means of 
so I appreciate any help I can get.

yours,  Rick Walker