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Re: those wicked cool Alesis ModFX boxes...

Douglas Baldwin wrote:

> ...are on sale through Musicians Friend ($40 and $50 bucks per unit) 
> and I just ordered the Bitrman, Metavox and Philtre. These are 
> certainly going into my looping rig!

I've got the Philtre.  I had been running my guitar through a Korg MS20 
for filtering effects and was looking for something more portable.  The 
Philtre is definitely more portable than the MS20, but I don't like the 
results as much as I was hoping to.  I miss the square wave modulation 
the MS20 has compared to the Philtre's triangle wave. 

So, the obvious question is: does anyone know of a small filter unit 
with multiple waveshapes on its LFO?

John McIntyre