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Seeking performers--More show info

Title: Seeking performers--More show info

Just to provide a little more information on the show described in my 03/20/05 post “Call for performers for upcoming West Coast show”--

This show is the second installation of the “Second Sundays Live Looping Series.” This series was created by our own illustrious Rick Walker, and Rick, Bill Walker, and myself are taking turns producing the shows. (The first show of the series will be on April 10; see Bill’s post on 03/28/05 for more info.)

The shows are held in a beautiful new performance space in downtown Santa Cruz called The ATTIC.

Look forward to working with you all to make this series an ongoing opportunity for looping musicians to meet, perform, collaborate, and experiment.

Yours loopily,


--Original message:

Two if by Sea

a duo/live-looping event

brought to you by the Second Sundays live looping series

Show date: May 8, 2005

Location: The ATTIC performance space, Santa Cruz, CA

If you are interested in performing at this show:

Please send your web link or email audio samples, biographical, contact info, etc. to: d.ans@rcn.com

OR put a CD of your music/sound work and your info in the mail  BY APRIL 7 to:

Envelope Productions
6066 Hillside Drive
Felton, CA 95018

Call 831-335-8336 for more info

Performers selected for the show will be notified by April 15.


Only the following types of performers will be considered for this show:

1. Duos with at least one member using looping as a significant part of the sound production. Improvisational duos encouraged.


2. Looping soloists (you will be paired up to perform improvisationally with another artist)


3. Non-looping soloists (you will be paired up to perform improvisationally with a looping artist)

Note for duos: if using computers, only one computer-based musician per duo, please.