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talking about you

Hi dear friends,
tonight (00,40 italian time) I will be interviwed by Rai International 
(international channel of italian primary radio) 
Being it on air all over the world, I thought it would be nice you to 
know about this because I will create the chance to talk about you, 
about the friends I have been lucky to meet here and about how important 
this list has been for me, being partecipating to it since several years 
( how many ???).
I take this chance to send a great hug to those who I didn't had the 
chance and the serenity to keep a stable contact with - my input is 
costantly overloading my threshold since many months now and I just hope 
the time will come that I will have the lucky to slow down and breath deep.

So, I apologize for use of bandwidth, I wanted to let you know that 
there will be the LD name and glory on the air tonight.

My best,