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Re: basic loop equipment

    I'd vote for the RC-20 too. Simple, easy, rugged, and small - you can
probably fit it in your gig bag with a couple of cables. Plug your guitar
into the RC-20, plug the RC-20 into your amp. Then press one pedal with 
foot to record, press again to stop, and - if I remember correctly and if
I'm reading the various user comments correctly - it immediately begins to
play back. There will be a very small learning curve to do this much, which
will fulfill your needs for a looped accompaniment, and then you can get
into all the other cool things it does, bit by bit, day by day, week by
    At my guitar instruction studio, one of my instructors uses the RC-20
between students, and he rapidly lays down chord progressions and
single-note lines for practice and study. When I walk past his room, it is 
stone gas to hear songs being born on the spot, and brilliant lead lines
played atop clever progressions.
    Be warned: you might have the uncomfortable realization that your sense
of rhythm is not yet adequate. If you speed up from the beginning of your
loop to the end, it will be obvious (and the built-in metronome will help
with that). And if you don't press the pedal at precisely the right point,
there will be a herky-jerky feel between repetitions (although the
"quantize" function will help with that). But this is part of the beauty of
using any looping or long delay device - they function wonderfully as
"instant feedback tools" that allow you to live with your actions - over 
over again! Instant karma indeed! Your dharma is to improve, and the 
of your work will spread into all aspects of your playing.
    So I'd vote for the RC-20.
    Be sure to click on
http://www.loopers-delight.com/tools/RC20/boss-rc20.html to read Loopers
Delight reviews of the RC-20 and to link to other reviews as well.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

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> << I want to be able to just "record a bit" and play. If there's
> something out there with a minimal of extras and -for me-easy to
> operate-that's what I'm looking for. >>
> Hi
> I second the recommendation for the Boss RC-20 pedal.
> Simple, easy, and rugged.
> Press the pedal and record, press again and immediately starts playing
> If you don't like - press pedal to cancel and try again,  if you do like
> can save it and transfer to tape or computer later. And you can add to an
> existing loop to make it richer in complexity and texture, in other 
> Some digital recorders don't even have a loop function or it is buried
> utility screen sub-menus so you have to stop everything to access.
> I have occasionally seen the older version RC-20 in used music stores in
> area for $200-$250.
> BobC
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> http://trundlebox.iuma.com
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