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Re: Guitar MIDI pickups

A friend of mine just got the latest Roland setup (GR-20?). It was 
about $650 and comes with the pickup and electronics. Everything you 
need to get going right out of the box. It set up very easily on his 
strat with no drilling.
I would imagine, though, that you might want to get some different 
modules as the stock sounds are, well, stock.

He got his at Guitar Center in Arvada CO. JP always hooks us up!


At 8:02 AM -0800 3/25/05, mike feeney wrote:
>I was just doing some casual browsing for a 5-pin MIDI
>pickup for guitar, and have found several links to
>older models, but I can't find anything that is
>currently being produced. 
>I found several that just kind of mount on under your
>strap peg, not requiring drilling or anything.  A
>little clunky looking, but kind of cool in that
>Frankenstein's guitar kind of way.  =)
>Know of anything?
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