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Re: OT, what speakers to listen to your favorite loopers on?

I use JBL LSR25ps with a Tannoy TS10 subwoofer in my home studio 
room. In my living room I have a pair of B&W DM330s in the front of a 
surround setup with Paradigm Mini Mk IIIs in the rear.

One of the reason I have both sets of speakers is that they were both 
very reasonable. I got the JBLs  for $200 for the pair on ebay as the 
seller thought one was broken (10 minute fix). I used a pair of 
Tannoy Reveal passives  (powered with a McIntosh 2105) prior to 
these, but found them a little weird in the mids. I find that mixes 
translate a lot better with the JBLs and they are also easy to bring 
to location recording gigs. They also take a severe beating without a 
complaint. I am sure that there are better speakers out there, but I 
like these pretty well and I couldn't beat the price.

The B&Ws were $30 at the local electronics surplus store and only 
needed a replacement tweeter diaphragm. They aren't bad and being a 
sealed box, don't have a really hyped boomy low end, but do go there 
if they need to.

On another note, I am trying to get a Behringer FCB1010 to play nice 
with my Jamman with Sellon update. Does anyone have any tips on 
navigating the FCB to program the unit? I think I get it, but I am 
not sure and the Jamman doesn't seem to completely operate the way I 
would expect. I have RTFM, but it doesn't seem completely clear. 
Maybe I'm just getting old.


Edwin Hurwitz
Boulder CO
http://www.cafemontalban.com Location Recording Services