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Re: Adrian Belew - EP & unfinished songs

Title: Re: Adrian Belew - EP & unfinished songs
about Belew's disposition: he is usually very pleasant according to all accounts and mine, EXCEPT this little story told to me while i was on tour w/ MERMEN-someone was videotaping a live Belew solo/loop show(which i have a video of!) and the camera guy got behind Adrian @ soundcheck and he stopped playing, went over to the guy producing and screamed about "NO SHOTS OF MY BALD SPOT"!! and i guess it went on for awhile-so i guess we all have our limits :-)


In a message dated 03/24/05 11:44:12, stanitarium@earthlink.net writes:

gotta pipe in-ADRIAN BELEW will always be in a special place for me

I agree with you there. He is a one-of-a-kind great musician and a great
guy. I met him twice -- both times because of my employment with Seymour
Duncan. Seymour used to be something like Belew's "manager" at one point
(they're old chums anyway). Knowing I was a big Belew fan, Seymour took
me along and introduced me to Adrian once at a Nashville NAMM show
and again after a SoCal King Crimson show during the "Thrak" tour. Both
times Belew was friendly, enthusiastic and even chatty -- the precise opposite
reputation of Mr. Fripp (whom I also admire but, just the same, feel that I would
not get on very well with if I ever met him).

Best regards,

tEd kiLLiAn