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Re: Adrian Belew - EP & unfinished songs

> Fabio Anile wrote:
>> My favourite album is Twang Bar King
> agree !
> luca

gotta pipe in-ADRIANBELEW will always be in a special place for
me-guitarrilee/loopinglee speakin...
i would have a very hard time calling one album a favorite-i still feel his
best work is as a hired gun-the things he brings to other peoples
songs/albums is so unique and musickee-the list is long-'REMAIN IN LIGHT' 
talking heads is a highlight-the stuff he did on david byrne/twyla tharp
'the catherine wheel'-
'left handed dream' by ryuichi sakmoto-to name a few o' my favs...
my whole guitar rig in the 80s was totally based on his setup:beat up strat
into numerous Electro-Harmonix(including 16secDDL) into a Roland JC120-you
can get waaaay outt w/ that stuff and i did thanx to AB...
last time i talked to him i blamed him for my <BIG MUFF(s)> obsession-he
said he was "sorry" and i believed him.
(got "the bears club cafe" dvd-adrian's club band live-and it just lies
there for me-playin way too safe)