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Re: Adrian Belew

I'd totally agree with that review.  Feels almost like
an EP to me.  Also songs feel unfinished to some
degree.  Great ideas that he didn't spend the time to
work to their conclusion.  If you're a fan, get it. 
There are some nice cuts and great performances.  If
you're not and looking for a taste, skip it and go for
Desire of the Lone Rino King.


--- ArsOcarina@aol.com wrote:
> Fabio,
> I haven't bought the CD yet. Thanks for making us
> aware of it.
> There's an interesting sample "teaser" posted for
> streaming at:
> Criticism that I've read about the CD is mostly
> about it's being
> too short (only about 30 mins long). I have nothing
> but respect 
> for Mr. Belew but I may wait awhile before I get
> around to buying
> this one. Perhaps I'll wait 'til all 3 sides are out
> later this year.
> Best regards,
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