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RE: Some of my new music....downloadable

> Hi there Kris,

I just wanted to respond and say that I've been enjoying your latest
tracks quite a bit. Good playing and your improvisations frequently
sound very "composed." Some really interesting musical ideas in there --
and fancy guitar processing too BTW. I can imagine several ways you
might be doing it -- but how ARE you getting the "soft attack" sort of
synth-flutey guitar tone on the track "Ataraxia", VG-88? Good work. Keep
posting it. I'll buy a copy of the CD when it's finished.

Best regards,

tEd R kiLLiAn


Thanks, Ted. I really appreciate the comments. :)

You are correct in that I have been trying to use more recurring themes
in my latest works, which comes across as more composed.  When I said
most of my material was composed, this was indicating that on a few
songs I actually did spend a few minutes experimenting with an
arrangement before hitting the EDP record button, in order to work out a
base part, especially the songs that have more jazz-like chordal work
such as Super Vibe. I can freely improvise that chord work, but just
decided to pre-arrange something beforehand on that song...then
everything after that base chord work - solos, melodies, textures, etc -
is all freely improvised.   Not that I don't like the more obscure and
less repetitive approach...I just need to balance composition techniques
once in a while, if not for my own sanity, for the sake of listeners who
don't always get off on a 15 minute song that is seemingly chaotic and
without a simple theme they can latch on to psychologically.  I guess
I'm a "pluralist" in this respect, in that I advocate many approaches,
either individually in balance or blended. It's all a part of the
overall took-kit.

The "fancy guitar processing"...oh yes, I am really enjoying the new
patches I made from the Lexicon LXP5 and Boss VF-1....they opened up
some new ground.

You ask: "how ARE you getting the "soft attack" sort of synth-flutey
guitar tone on the track "Ataraxia", VG-88?"

That sound is from the brass guitar synth patch of the Boss GT-3....or
maybe the Boss VF-1. I can't remember, but they are both the exact same
patch. I modified the patch by rolling off the highs, to produce a more
mellow and softer tone.  As for the attack, that is just me. The GT-3
and VF-1 guitar synth patches, especially the brass waveform, are REALLY
good at capturing the natural dynamics of the guitar and my playing.
Some folks poooh poooh these units, but the sensitivity is really nice
if you setup the patch parameters correctly. I can pick very softly and
the unit will actually accurately reflect this dynamic. The saw or
string waveforms are not this cooperative. They seem to be more on-off
in behavior.  I am naturally more biased toward brass and woodwinds,
rather than string tones for soloing.  Sometimes the timbre of violins
and cellos doesn't appeal to my ear. 


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I just uploaded a ton of my new improvisational music on SoundClick, all
freely downloadable and playable from the site.  The new material is
everything associated with the to-be-released CD "1/6" with the 2005
date, all recorded using two EDPs, my new rack setup. and the Alesis
Masterlink: http://www.boisemusicians.com/gear.htm
Most of this material, as usual, was freely improvised.complete with
clams. I also used my Paul Reed Smith Archtop hollow-body electric,
rather than the acoustic. The question is, how am I going to fit 28
songs on a CD!!!
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/krispenhartungmusic.htm  (the newest
material is marked 2005 and listed below)
Ataraxia - My interpretation of the ancient Greek skeptic state of being
or mind "Ataraxia" or "Tranquility of the Soul", which is achievable by
practicing "epoche" or "suspension of believe"
Psycho-Plane - For some reason, this reminds me of the SoundTrack for
"Halloween", though my memory of that masterpiece is very scanty. ;)
Chicken Hawk - Yeeeeh Hawwwww!!!  Just a little slice of country in this
one.I used to play in a country band, and it must have slipped out.but
not too much
Five - Short, spunky tune in 5/4
Dark Forest Dance - Sort of playful, yet obscurity and darkness slips in
toward the end
Discourse with a Wave - The impossible and fantastic conversation I
would have with a sub-atomic particle after it splits in the famous dual
slit experiment and exhibits both wave and particle properties...you can
feel the wave in slow time
Postlude to the Thing - My interpretation and continuation of the movie,
"The Thing" (1982)
Siva's Horizon - A darker ambient piece with guitar work that has a
subtle Eastern/Middle-Eastern feel...depicting the imminent end of the
world - the horizon....hence the Hindu god Siva the Destroyer.
Super Vibe - More in the jazz fusion groove
Eccentrics & Apparitions - Grand finale and long sucker..starts in the
jazz feel, but leaves it very soon.

"Different is not always better, but better is always different"


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