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Some of my new music....downloadable

Title: Some of my new music....downloadable

Hello all,

I just uploaded a ton of my new improvisational music on SoundClick, all freely downloadable and playable from the site.  The new material is everything associated with the to-be-released CD "1/6" with the 2005 date, all recorded using two EDPs, my new rack setup. and the Alesis Masterlink: http://www.boisemusicians.com/gear.htm

Most of this material, as usual, was freely improvised…complete with clams. I also used my Paul Reed Smith Archtop hollow-body electric, rather than the acoustic. The question is, how am I going to fit 28 songs on a CD!!!

http://www.soundclick.com/bands/5/krispenhartungmusic.htm  (the newest material is marked 2005 and listed below)

Ataraxia - My interpretation of the ancient Greek skeptic state of being or mind "Ataraxia" or "Tranquility of the Soul", which is achievable by practicing "epoche" or "suspension of believe"

Psycho-Plane - For some reason, this reminds me of the SoundTrack for "Halloween", though my memory of that masterpiece is very scanty. ;)

Chicken Hawk - Yeeeeh Hawwwww!!!  Just a little slice of country in this one…I used to play in a country band, and it must have slipped out…but not too much

Five - Short, spunky tune in 5/4
Dark Forest Dance - Sort of playful, yet obscurity and darkness slips in toward the end
Discourse with a Wave - The impossible and fantastic conversation I would have with a sub-atomic particle after it splits in the famous dual slit experiment and exhibits both wave and particle properties...you can feel the wave in slow time

Postlude to the Thing - My interpretation and continuation of the movie, "The Thing" (1982)
Siva's Horizon - A darker ambient piece with guitar work that has a subtle Eastern/Middle-Eastern feel...depicting the imminent end of the world - the horizon....hence the Hindu god Siva the Destroyer.

Super Vibe - More in the jazz fusion groove
Eccentrics & Apparitions - Grand finale and long sucker….starts in the jazz feel, but leaves it very soon.


Krispen Hartung
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