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Think you're a looper? (was: Please don't miss this show)

Hi loopies,
I have been lucky enough to see Andre play four times--I missed the Giants
of Looping tour with Walker, Manring and Lawson tho 8(
He is certainly the best at what he does!  And I wish him luck tonight . . 
He is certainly putting on a "looping show", and I hope to read about it in
People magazine and see him on Entertainment Tonight.
If there is a lesson to be learned from him (and the other gentlemen I
mentioned), it might be to "know your tools" and then forget about 
the rules . . .
What does it take to be a looper?  My litmus test is, does most of your
"stage time" involve the use of a looping recorder or delay with enough 
to satisfy your requirements--
If you do it on one song in a set, and that one song is mostly looping, 
is a "looping song"--
But that was not a "looping set", hence you are not a looper, although you
might be a "looping artist".
I love these tags, but they are arbitrary--I would go see Andre even if he
wasn't using an Echoplex--he is a musician, and that's all any of us can
aspire to be.