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Re: mac recording questions

I've never purchased CDROMs made for "Audio" CDs and
I've never had an issue.

When burning a CD from iTunes you should have no
problem if you start out with an .aif or .wav file and
don't convert it to an mp3.


--- Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
> #1.
> when i had my PHILIPS cd recorder it required
> "AUDIO" CDS now that i have an 
> eMac with built in cd recorder what media should i
> use?.....i have been using 
> the AUDIO CDS with the eMac and have had no problems
> but i believe they are a 
> bit more expensive.....are the AUDIO CDS "better"
> and should i continue to use 
> them?
> #2.
> when i record something into PEAK LE and i want to
> put it onto a cd i send it 
> to i-tunes, create a play-list then record it to
> cd.....does this degrade the 
> sound? the reason i do it this way is if i go
> straight from PEAK thats all i 
> can put on a cd, seems a waste of cd
> space.....thanks