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Re:Re: Breaking out of the box / loop music samples

>>Doesn't everyone just have mp3's on their websites?
>no way dude. people can steal those.

for some mp3s that you can steal

the EDP use is a lot more "gentle" than Andre's,
but there's a range of techniques to get away from
straightforward loops.

1) Non-looped intro/outro
2) Multiply allows you to start with a very small rhythmic cell, and 
in length progressively
3) HalfSpeed, and Reverse help to build up layers of contrasting sounds

as an example

this is a straight warts and all live recording, made with the directional 
mic on a video camera,
so sound is somewhat lo-fi,
...and you can hear the footswitch action

first minute is unlooped intro

1:10   two note rhythmic cell is looped
1:19   Multiply is used to "overdub" a second longer rhythm (8 cycles)
1:30   NextLoop is used to make a copy of that loop into loop 2 , and 
simultaneously it is multiplied up to 36 cycles while adding a melody.
2:10  Melody starts to repeat
2:24  A counter-melody is played over the top of everything
2:38  Overdub is engaged, so now that melody is dubbed onto the loop
2:49  Overdub is switched off, while the melody continues
3:17  Now the bit I overdub comes round again, and I overdub another 
harmony (overdub on)
3:30 Overdub Off again
3:57  3 part harmony
4:09  nextloop used to go back to Loop 1, which has the 8 cycle rhythm
4:29  overdub rhythm onto loop1
4:35  while still overdubbing, hit reverse , and play a ringing chord 
4:42 hit reverse again,
4:53 you hear that ringing chord played backwards over the rhythm
5:00 that's the hard stuff done, now it's just me playing variations on 
first non-looped intro over the new rhythm
5:50 Mute loop and play outro
6:04 applause